Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life (Hard Cover)

Resilience is a new book by Ph.D. and Navy Seal, Eric Greitens.  It published on the 10th of this month.  Content for the book began in 2012 when Greiten's friend and former SEAL comrade fell on hard times.  Zach Walker (not his real name) had returned from a tour of duty and little by little, his life was coming undone.  His brother died when he ran into a tree (intoxicated), his own drinking had gotten out of control, PTSD was making life even harder and he became disabled and unemployed.

Walker reached out to Greitens, who would advise, console and counsel him.  Their communication consisted mostly of letters.  Eventually, Walker did come back to life.  It was a long and hard-fought battle.

However, Resilience has universal appeal because most, if not all of us have faced disabling adversity at some point or another.  Some of us survived with our psyche's intact.  Sadly, some of us never do and it leaves us in a stuck or frozen, position.

...when I saw veterans lying in hospital beds, I saw them differently.  I didn't see people who wanted charity, but people who needed a challenge.

Eric Greitens

ISBN  054432398X

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