Nomex Oven Gloves

These are great.  I wish that I had bought them a few years ago.

In the package, the gloves look huge.  But, really, this is mostly due to the fact that they are so padded.

They're excellent just for at-home cooking.  You can actually pull out the oven shelf, to retrieve your pizza without fear.  You can also use them for frying and not worry about heated oil reaching your tender hands.

I'll probably give these to my brother-in-law as he's such an avid griller.  They're perfect for that too!


  • Premium Quality Cotton Lining for Cool and Comfortable Hands
  • Double Sided Silicon Dots for a Safe Grip and Extra Protection
  • Heat Blocker - Up to 662 Degree F
  • Comprised of 100% Dupont Nomex Fiberts

The gloves list for $42.97.  However, you can get them for $19.97 from this link.


zebracourage said...

I've been considering these for a while! You've talked me into it!!

Ginae B. McDonald said...

Thanks for your comment! Come back anytime :)

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