National Caffeine Awareness Month: Barnie's Coffee Kitchen

Barnie's Coffee & Tea was founded in 1980.  In 2011, there was a name change and Barnie's became Barnie's Coffee Kitchen.  They are the leader in the arena of specialty coffees and offer more than 40 hand-selected coffees.

In July of last year, Barnie's introduced a new product, for which we had the distinct pleasure of trying.  They are Brewsticks and they allow one to enjoy their coffee cold or hot.  That's because the cold-brewed liquid is inside of the stick/package.  You need only to dispense package contents to savor it!

This means that there are no trips to the coffee joint before work, no coffee pot to watch or to wait for and only a minimum of effort is expended just to get to that first cup.  Really, anything that gives you more time before work is a very good thing indeed and Brewsticks do just that.

Brewsticks are available in four distinct flavors, which is just what we have received;

  • (2) Boxes of Creme Brulee, MSRP $5.99
  • (2) Boxes of French Roast, MSRP $5.99
  • (2) Boxes of Hawaiian Hazelnut, MSRP $5.99
  • (2) Boxes of Santa's White Christmas, MSRP $5.99

Barnie's Coffee Kitchen was generous!  Oh, and the coffees?  YES!

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