Multifunctional Camping Lights

This is one of the smallest, most brightest sources of light that I have ever come across.  Ever!  In fact, I might use it for photographic purposes just to see if it's effective in that manner.  I'm guessing that it is.

It's only 2.5" wide by 3.5" tall.  However, you wouldn't want to look directly at it once it's on.  No kidding.

This lamp uses 24 +3 LED super bright SMD and is constructed of ABS material.  It has two lighting modes.  One is a 3-bulb flash light.  The other is the blinding one, which allows you to see through time.  (Just a little humor.  No need to test that claim.)

The light features a concealed hook, a red stand, 360 degree selectable adjusting, and a magnet.  It uses 3 AAA batteries.  It's amazing how so batteries can provide so much illumination.

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