it Haircare

it Haircare is a Key Brands company and hails from Irwindale, California, from a 160,000 square foot state-of-art distribution center.  Key Brands was started by Linda and Harvey Vechery and their flagship product is Vital Care, which has enjoyed consistent sales growth via significant retail chains throughout the United States.  There is also an enjoyed sales success in the Baltic countries, China, Egypt, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, the Philippines, South and Central America, Taiwan and Vietnam.


it Haircare
  • Mega Freeze Hair Spray  MSRP $7.99 
  • 12-In-One Amazing Leave In Treatment MSRP $8.99  

 Mega Freeze Hair Spray

This is a phenomenally excellent product!  Its first point of excellence lies in the fact that it doesn't have that horrible/small-animal-killing hair spray aroma.  It merely does the job that we wish all Extra Hold hair sprays would do.

Mega Freeze Hair Spray holds hair in place like a pro.  It holds, in fact without doing so in an impregnable helmet type of way.  Hence, if you were looking for bullet protection, this might not be the way to go.  It holds.  All day.  And does it well.  It's not sticky or flaky either.  Oh, and the shine.  Love it.

12-In-One Amazing Leave In Treatment

it Haircare
This is another outstanding product.  The treatment touts the following benefits;

Repairs dry, damaged hair
Protects from split ends & breakage
Shiny & healthy hair
Transforms frizz to silk
Maximum heat protection
Seals and protects hair
Removes tangles
Restores natural body
Abyssinian Oil for shiny hair
Fuses silk amino acids
Protects your color
Transforms brittle hair

While we do not have all of these issues, we have enough of them to merit ownership.  What we particularly appreciate are the shine, the body, the repair and the protection.  It's awesome!

Mega Freeze Hair Spray and the 12-In-One Amazing Leave In Treatment are available for purchase on the website, which leads to Amazon.  For some of us older chicks, our beautiful tresses are one of our ultra-plus points, for which an extra dollar spent is an extra dollar appreciated.  However, you do get what you pay for.

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