Harvey Prince: Hello Perfume

Harvey Prince: Hello PerfumeHarvey Prince was founded by two brothers in contemplation of a gift for their mother.  The end result was high-quality fragrances.  What's most important to your gentle writer is that these products are crafted in the U.S.A., cruelty free and made with love.


  • (2) Hello 

This fragrance is just delightful and while it may sound silly, the aroma actually brings forth a feeling of joy!  Yes, there is also hints of flowers and citrus.  But, mostly, it just makes us happy.  Even if you remove the element of ingredient quality, this still is an outstanding product.  To top it all off, we are an admitted perfume snob and we love this!

Truly, Hello says just that, in its own, cheerful way.  However, sillage is low and so is longevity.  You really need to re-apply every couple of hours to stay fresh.

Still, we really like this perfume.

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zebracourage said...

I love Harvey Prince!

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