Gooey on the Inside

Kafi Dublin is the face behind the gooey.  When she walked away from a corporate America, she turned to her passion for baking.  A career, cookies and cookie butters were born. Dublin also offers web surfers the opportunity to create a cookie of their own design!


We knew when we happened upon this website that we would probably love the product and we were certainly correct.  Wow!  It's so rich and so perfect with a glass a milk.  We don't even know how to describe the items other than;

We like.  They good.

Our only issue, if it can be labeled as such was the fact that the Smores only had a single layer of marshmallow.  We used it sparingly, so that it would stretch a long way.  However, we were still slightly morose when it ran out.

The items were well packaged and are contained within a plastic container, which we liked since the people in our abode seem to drop things quite a bit.  We gotta get more of this awesomeness!  Seriously, why doesn't Walmart carry this stuff?!?

You can only get these sugary-sweet treats online at the website listed below.  It's 12 ounces of incredible and retails for $9.99.

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