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Fort Vape (VP) is a Fort Wayne, Indiana joint.  They carry a lot of vaping merchandise.  This includes electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs), Personal Vaporizer (PV's) parts, accessories, batteries, starter kits, and delightful e-liquids, which are available at very reasonable prices.  Selecting flavors for review purposes was not easy.  Besides, what they've sent for review, also available are Sweet Tarts, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Clove, Cubano and many more.

Did we mention that their prices are very reasonable?  Yeah.  They are.


(1) Cappuccino Retail: $5.99 for 15ml 
(1) Hypnotic Myst Retail: $5.99 for 15ml 
(1) Wintergreen Retail: $5.99 for 15ml 

Cappuccino has a sweet, cocoa essence (before vaping).  We weren't sure if we wanted this flavor even though we enjoy our cappuccino's during Winter.  However, it was recommended by the company representative at Fort Vape and we really liked it.  We didn't ensure that our e-cigarette coil was clean between e-juices and Wintergreen was co-mingled with Cappuccino.  We liked that even more!

Hypnotic Myst smells of a sweet candy tart (before vaping).  It's really nice.  In fact, we are eager to try other sweet-tasting e-juice because we've tried this one.

Wintergreen has no aroma (before vaping).  But, it has a good taste.  It's even better as an enhancer for other flavors.

Thank you Fort Vape!

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Rick Vaper said...

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