Clique by Roblé

Roblé is a hot, young chef and the star of Bravo's (NBC) culinary drama, Chef Roblé & Co.  He was mentored by the star of the Food Network's Chopped, Chef Chris Santos.  The concept behind Clique was a chef's recipe for French Toast Crunch.

Indeed, the perfume does have a crisp citrus essence.  Otherwise, we don't get it.  As for inspiration, this makes perfect sense if you consider all of the random bits of minutia for which we somehow connect and disconnect in the span of a mental nanosecond.

With that aside, we did feel as though we'd been given a very thoughtful gift.  The Clique package arrived today and was/is beautiful.  The entire collection is a brassy gold on black.  It's all full-size and lovely!

Clique by Roblé

  • (1) Clique by Roblé Body Butter (150ml) MSRP $35.00
  • (1) Clique by Roblé Eau de Parfum (50m) MSRP $59.50
  • (1) Clique by Roblé Scented Lacquer (15ml) MSRP $15.95
  • (1) Clique by Roblé Shower Gelée (200ml) MSRP $28.50

Clique Eau de Parfum

Upon first pump, the perfume goes on citrus and slightly floral.  However, as the initial spritz dissipates, what you're left with is a lovely powdery essence.  It's delightful.  However, it doesn't last long.  Four hours later and all that's left is a mere powder shadow of an aroma.  Sillage was strong at first.  That quickly fades.

Clique Body Butter  

The Body Butter is somewhat thick.  This is nice for dry skin.  It does take a bit for your hands to de-slime.  But, it smells great!  It's very similar to the perfume, unlike some lotion/essence combinations which can be merely complimentary.

Clique Shower Gelée   

Yummm...this is the best scent of all!  It is sublime.  Sublime.

Clique Scented Lacquer  

This is a golden hue and it smells good too!  It's supposed to.  Still, this seems a somewhat odd concept.  It goes on easy and doesn't need a top or a base coat.

We offer this one (stern) warning.  Do not sniff of this essence after a thick, fresh coat.  It won't be pretty.  That is all.

Overall, we like this outfit and if it sets a precedent in the cooking world, we like that too!  The aroma is not for us.  We prefer a bolder lingering.  But, that's us and we own that.

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