It is both difficult and impossible to begin tracking BlueQ.  You cannot help but wonder, "Just WHAT is the point here?"  Then, you spy something so funny that you dribble just a little bit and you know.  You know.  You just.  Get it.
But, for those of you who have not taken the time to peruse your Internet-local, we'll jump ahead for you.  The point is the joy and the laughter that comes from complete silliness.  Divine and utter silliness.


The gum packages are really fun.  Some are cinnamon flavor and some are fruit flavored.  They are all too small.  We don't wish to slam BlueQ in any matter.  No!  What we are stating is that we love the concept and want more.  We want bigger too.

Cat Butt Liquid Hand Soap  

Here again, we love the soap concept.  It's funny!  However, the aroma of the soap is not (green tea and aloe).  Blech!  We want more choices for this hilarious package!

Coffee Monster Pencil Case   

Love it.  Love the whole thing.  Love the web site, the products, the concepts and the "joy-bringing products.." of BlueQ.  You may purchase BlueQ at BlueQ.  It will bring you joy.

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