Bean Box for National Caffeine Awareness Month

Bean BoxThe Bean Box is a monthly subscription box, offering coffee beans from various coffee companies.  The Bean Box mission is to bring joy to customers via caffeine, a sometimes-surprise and the very best artisan coffee experience available.

The Bean Box is laid out rather nicely.  It arrives in a perfectly fitting small box and contains a lovely green wrapping paper, a piece of chocolate, strawberry candy and four packages of coffee beans.  This package brought the following;

  • Columbia el Mirador (Kuma Coffee)
  • Drip Blend (Herkimer Coffee)
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Longshoreman's Daughter)
  • Roaster's Choice (Kuma Coffee)
  • 5X7 Coffee List
  • 3X5 Card offering a 15% discount on full coffee bags, gift orders and subscriptions.

The Coffee List describes package content.  It's interesting to know what's inside the box, along with flavor expectations. It also details a little about each company.

This was a fun package to get.  It emphasizes the ideals that Ginae Says holds dear.  It's simple.  Provides an excellent product.  Attractively packaged.  What better way to acknowledge Caffeine Awareness Month?

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