Arganesse Hair Treatment

Arganesse Hair Treatment is a product which promises to repair, rehydrate and restore.  They also promise to tend to the environment and to enrich the lives of others with their quality products.  One way that Arganesse does this is by donating $10.00  from every bottle purchase to the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.  If you read further, you will find other ways that Arganesse tends to the environment and to the needs of others.

Arganesse Hair TreatmentFurthermore, Arganesse sources reusable and recyclable materials, which reduces waste.  They also recommend recycling to customers.  One way to do this is through Operation: Return Rewards, whereby you return your empty Arganesse bottle and cap and receive a special coupon for $10.00 off of your next purchase.  They even pay for the postage.  Simply use this form here.


  • (10) Single Use Packets

Arganesse does leave our brown tresses with a nice, smooth and silky feeling.  The small amount provided by each packet is perfect for a single use and there is no smell.  We are pleased.  We wish simply that the effects lasted for an entire day.

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