Air Wick: Tips With Interior Designer Jeremiah Brent

Air Wick is changing the home fragrance category with the launch its Life Scents Collection, the first home fragrance of its kind featuring new scent technology with constantly changing fragrances crafted to mimic real life experience. To help launch the collection, Air Wick partnered with interior designer Jeremiah Brent (known for his work with Rachel Zoe + hubby Nate Berkus) to showcase how fragrance is the finishing touch to any room in the home.

Inspired by the new Life Scents Collection by Air Wick, Jeremiah has put together a list of design tips that aim to inspire every home owner. Below, please find top of the line tips from Jeremiah.

  1. Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously: Design at its best and purest form is an extension of who you are, and who you would like to become.

  2. Accessorize with Scent: Scent is the final touch to a room. It’s what you smell when you walk into a home and it stays with you – it is the final frontier of a well curated home and that’s why Air Wick’s Life Scents are the perfect accessory.

  3. Break the Rules: Don’t subscribe to the rules of design, think outside of the box.

  4. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: When curating your home there is no reason to rush, it takes time to pick out the pieces you’ll keep forever that tell your own home’s story.

  5. Invest in Key Pieces: Life’s a journey, ensure the key pieces you’re picking can go on any journey you take. The same goes with scent, Air Wick Life Scents’ Sweet Lavender Days is a great option – it helps create a sense of comfort and relaxation in your home.

  6. Always Set the Table. Tablescapes Year ‘Round: Be sure to change up your table for every season – whether you’re hosting a diner party or a table for two, it’s important to have a centerpiece that serves as a focal point.

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