Abigail and the Tropical Island Adventure: (Teaches Your Kid to Explore the World)

Abigail is a friendly and ambitious little lady, whose grandfather has invented a magical bicycle and a magical book for her.  The precocious child is then able to escape the weather outside for a tropical island adventure.  This is where she meets another young lady (Lelei) who is soon to have a party to celebrate her birthday!

But, before the party, Abigail and her new friend explore their physical surroundings together, where they are accosted by Maru and warned that they should head over to the party.  So, they go and do not have electricity, as it has been knocked out by a storm.  Abigail can fix this with her magic bike.  Then, she returns home to share her new grass skirt and a summation of her journey with her mother.

Abigail is curious, a natural problem solver and all fun!  Surely, this tale will intrigue and delight others as much as it has the adult writer.  The graphic designs are a delight as well!

This book is one of four of a series.  You will find it for sale here.  Enjoy!

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