A-Audio Elite HD Earphones

We've reviewed A-Audio before.  Hence, we knew what to expect.  The quality, thus far, is unmatched.  Completely unmatched.  The Elite HD Earphones are no exception.

A-Audio Elite HD Earphones If you are missing the turbo-soprano notes and the ultra bass-notes, then, you need to hook yourself up with a set of A-Audio.  They are incredibly sweet.  In fact, we tested the Elite HD listening to clips from Carrie Grossman's, Soma-Bandhu: Friend of the Moon.  It's not bass-ful.  However, those White woman, Hindi high-notes were better than ever!


The earphones themselves are remarkably comfortable, even for this ultra-sensitive sensate.  They are easy to use and versatile.  If you've never used such an incredible brand, you owe it to yourself.  Music and even the spoken word, simply are not the same.

This particular A-Audio piece retails for $99.00 and may be purchased from the website listed below.  Well, what are you waiting for and what are you missing from your audio files?

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