Void Beauty

Void Beauty is a company which prides itself on being 5 Free.  This means that their products contain no formaldehyde, formaldehyde-resin, toluene, camphor or phthalate (dbp).  They are also cruelty free and vegan friendly.  Their colors can paint your world, if you let them.

Void Beauty
  • (1) Peace & Quiet MSRP $18.00
  • (1) Watch Your Back MSRP $18.00

Peace & Quiet

Peace & Quiet is a very feint yellow hue.  It seems to accentuate the pink of the nail body.  It's similar to what a French Manicure offers.  Very subtle.  We can tell that our monitor requires calibration as we view this lacquer online, as the polish seems to more of a pinkish hue.

Watch Your Back

Watch Your Back is really pretty.  Dainty.  It's also very feint.  We painted a layer of this on top of the Peace & Quiet color and it makes this laid-back color a little less brighter.  No.  We much prefer the only layer of Watch Your Back.

The colors selected for us are pretty.  However, we would have chosen darker hues.  These two colors are simply too understated for our tastes.

Both colors were easy to use and easy to keep from blotting.  We did the typical three swipes for each nail and it looks good!  You may purchase your 5 Free polishes online, at the web site listed below.

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