Valentine's Day: February 14, 2015

Historically, Valentine's Day is rooted in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, which was an annually remembered fertility celebration.  Now, we celebrate by giving cards and gifts to our beloved valentine.  This has evolved somewhat and now, we include family members and friends.  Your beloved National Product Reviewer humbly suggests the following for the sweeties in your life.


(1) Gift Basket (MSRP $59.99 - Shipping Included);
(1) Godiva Belgium 1926 Valentine's Day Message Truffles Bag (4.25 Oz)
(1) Godiva Chocolaitier Strawberry Cheesecake Desset Truffles (4.25 Oz)
(1) Godiva Chocolaitier 31% Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar (3.5 Oz)
(1) Godiva Belgium 1926 Signature Truffles (2.75 Oz)
(1) Godiva Truffle Bars Dark Chocolate Raspberry (1.5 Oz)

AmeriGiftBaskets became an online source for gift baskets, unique gifts and specialty items for one reason.  They know that the world becomes a better place when we make others happy.  What better way to do that than with quality product gifts, easily ordered via a well-designed web site?  They know this and they do it well.

Ducky City


(2) Valentine's Day Rubber Ducks  $4.50 (Red is not shown)
(6) Mini Rubber Ducks  $8.99 for the half-dozen

Ducky City is the rubber duck store online to go to.  The owner designs the ducks herself and she has many to choose from.  We received the two V-Day ducks.  One is yellow with red hearts and the other is red with yellow hearts.  They're adorable and fun to receive.  We also received a half dozen rubber ducklets.  They are small and perfect for the Valentine who's married and is wanting to expand the family.

FIVE by Littlefield Lane (as featured on


(1) Bronze Charm: "Love One Another"  Charm Not Shown

Jewelry is always a top pick for Valentine’s Day gifts, and what better way to show your sentiment than with individually hand-crafted charms that have encouraging messages or expressions of love, which can be enjoyed beyond Valentine's Day?  FIVE offers quality pieces for women. Featuring everything from hand-stamped charms to pearls and Swarovski crystal necklaces, FIVE provides something special for every accessorizer.

Hair Care Number 4


(1) The Perfect Valentine's Finish ;  Body Lotion $30.00, Mighty Hair Spray $26.00
(1) Mirabella Red Velvet Lip Pencil
Hair Care Number 4
(1) Can of Mighty Hair Spray (2.0 Oz)
(1) Can of Styling Foam (1.75 Fl Oz)

For a limited time, Number 4 is into cahoots with Mirabella Cosmetics for a Valentine's Day gift set, which any sane woman is sure to love!  Through the month of February, all purchases of Number 4 Fleurs de Temps Body Lotion (8.5 Oz) or Number 4 Mighty Hair Spray (10 Oz) will include the Mirabella Red Velvet Lip Pencil, as $25.00 value for free.  The V-Day sets are available at select retails and at the web site listed below.



(4) Glosston Pro $11.95

Mehron produces many products just for the consumer, such as these lip glossers.  However, most product lines were meant for a more dramatic crowd.  It's an excellent mix!  The hues are beautiful.  Perfect for the holiday!



(1) Peeps Cap  $16.99
(1) Package of 2 Marshmellow Hearts  $21.50 for the 24 count case
Peeps(1) Package of a Single Milk Chocolate Covered Raspberry $1.00
(1) Package of 9 Strawberry Creme  $2.00
(1) Package of 3 Cherry Hearts Dipped in Chocolate  $1.37
(1) Package of 3 Birds Strawberry Creme Dipped in Milk Chocolate  $2.00
(3) Recipe Cards

Unless you're online, you only see Peeps in retail stores at the holidays.  Hence, Peeps has created a V-Day collection.  They're cheep, red or pink, small and available in the seasonal candies aisle.  Prices range from $.79 to $2.49.  Actually, you just need to peruse their web site (see below).  They have a host of merchandise for sale, which is sure to please any Peeps lover amongst us.
February 14, 2015
Poco Dolce


(1) Bittersweet Chocolate Hearts MSRP $22.00
(1) Champagne and Strawberries Truffles Box $22.00

Who doesn't want chocolate?  Poco Dolce has elegant offerings for this amorous holiday.  The chocolates are packaged in a box with an ice pack and each individual product has a perfectly tied ribbon around them.  Simple.  What an excellent way to show that you care!

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