Stack Wines: T.G.I.F. for February 13

Stack Wines are available in a Red Blend, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and a Cabernet Sauvignon.  These varietals were created for top quality taste, simple style and convenience.  That they are!  Simply unzip the plastic wrap, snap the stemless cups apart from one another and sip, slowly.  'Cause, it aint a race ya know.

Stack Wines: T.G.I.F. for February 13Until Stack Wines came along, it was a real hassle to take wine anywhere, with the intent of sharing, to dig through the glassware of others, looking for drinking vessels.  Why, oh why does no one have wine glasses?  We do not know.

Nevertheless, it's much easier to share now.  It's also easier to keep them cold and together.  Sweet!


(1) Stack of Pinot Grigio
(1) Stack of Red Blend

Stack Wines can be purchased for $12.99 and are available at various locations nationwide, including Cost Plus World Market, Bristol Farms, Albertsons and Meijer, among others or online at the address below.

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