Poseidon Phone Charger (8000 mAh) on Kickstarter

The Poseidon phone charger is unique in many aspects, besides the fact that it's military-grade.  It's not your typical charger.  The first aspect of differentiation is that this thing is covered with a hard and protective shell, which is a hybrid polymer armor casing.  Like an M&M.  But, don't bite into it unless that's your thing.

Poseidon Phone Charger (8000 mAh) on KickstarterIt's waterproof.  Even if the port covers are open, it's still waterproof.  This is ideal for woodsmen, boaters, adventurers, etc.

The design of the charger is excellent. The four corners jut out in the event that it's dropped.  This will ameliorate some of the shock.  Well, the corners and the outer candy shell.

The Poseidon is easy to use.  It came without literature or a cable, as is the current disposition of the prototype.  Yet, it wasn't a challenge.  Simply plug it into the wall (for the first time) and watch the three, blue LED lights to gauge its progress. After all three lights are steady on, it's charged.  The lights are small.  However, this was no issue even though I plugged it in during complete darkness, as they are very bright.

What else?

It comes with a nylon strap, with attached carabiner and a two-year warranty. 

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