Pinnacle Vodka Introduces Habanero to its Growing Flavors Collection

Pinnacle Vodka began in 2002 and began winning awards in 2007.  Since that time, the brand has gone wonderfully awry to delight consumers with a penchant for the unusual.  Where else can you go for Cotton Candy or Orange Whipped flavored vodka?  Only Pinnacle, that I know of.
In January of this year, Pinnacle introduced Habanero Vodka.  It's 70 proof and is perfect when served neat, mixed or on the rocks.  The aroma is best described as a vodka anomaly.  The alcohol essence is very laid back.  It's somewhat sweet and there's a definite fire streak right down the middle of all of it!

Habanero Vodka tastes a powerful sweet and spicy.  The heat lingers.  The finish is spicy.

Pinnacle Habanero Vodka retails for $12.99 and can be found in any venue or retail store that carries the brand.  You have to just smell this stuff!  'Course, I don't think there's any hair in my nose now.  Sweet.

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