Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care is a collection of outstanding products.  They are so simple and decidedly so.  They set out to create hair care products which would run parallel with fashion, science, art, music and industrial creative cycles.

Furthermore, the Number 4 collection is innovative, lightweight, color protecting, anti-aging, 100% vegan, gluten free, sulfate and sodium chloride free and finally, free of parabens.  They are never tested on innocent animals either.  We like them so far.  Right?  Yes!

Web site and product designs are simple and elegant.  Even the box that they arrive in is a simple white box with line-figure characters.  It silly as it may sound, just looking at it made us happy.


    Number 4 High Performance Hair Care
  • (1) Bottle of Hydrating Body Lotion (8.5 Fl Oz) MSRP $30.00
  • (1) Bottle of Hydrating Shampoo (8.5 Fl Oz) MSRP $34.00
  • (1) Bottle of Hydrating Conditioner (8.5 Fl Oz) MSRP $36.00

Hydrating Body Lotion

The body lotion is a charming essence which is quickly absorbed into thirsty skin.  Hands and other areas never even had the chance to be greasy.  Yes!  We do not care for greasy.

Hydrating Shampoo

During the winter time, our integumentary system (hair and nails) just totally dry out.  Friends and family call us, "Chappy" because of our lizard-feeling skin and lips.  However, Number 4 has a solution for that and it's this shampoo.  It smells great, cleans well and leaves our hair clean and shiny until the next washing.  Aaaahhhh!

Hydrating Conditioner

Normally, we do not use conditioner, excepting for product reviews.  This one doesn't leave our locks oily or dry and combing out the wet mass is a snap.  We like it.  We really do.

Number 4 Hair Care products are available in fine salons nationwide, Anthropoligie, Urban Outfitters and the web site listed below.  When you experience any of these products for yourself, you won't give the somewhat high-end price tags a second glance.  However, you truly get what you pay for, at least with Number 4 you do.

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