The MunchPak is a fun concept.  This subscription box is comprised of snacks found @ various loci around the globe.  It doesn't cost that much and the box that you get is full.

You know what else?  MunchPak ships to a lot of countries, besides the U.S. Sweet!


(1) Kathy Kaye All-Star Popcorn Ball
(1) Glico Pocky Milk Flavour
(1) Hi-Chew Mango
(1) M&M's Pretzel
(1) Haribo Gummy Worms
(1) Lotte Koala's Strawberry Creme Filled Cookies
(1) Go Fresh
(1) Prima Snacks: Stapici Punjeni Kikirikijem
(1) Biscolata Stix: Milk Chocolate
(1) Arigato Prawn Crackers
(1) Ca Fi
(1) Herr's Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips

It seems like a good enough bargain for the buck.  The snacks are really varied and it's exciting to receive something in the mail, for which I've never seen in person.  I like that.  There are no samples.  These are all full size snacks from around the world (excluding Antarctica).  There are two plans, the first of which is $21.00.  The next is a family pack and it goes for $39.00 a month.

You may secure a box or several boxes of your very own at the URL listed below.  Good times!

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