Microbead-Pillows is a company which provides a sleeping public with quality products and information, as it relates to specialty pillows.  If you Google it, these Squishy's are all over the Internet.  Sometimes, you have to be stern with a pillow to keep it in place!


(1) Squishy Deluxe Microbead Body Pillow $69.95

The Squishy Deluxe is very comfortable and while you'd think that it would roll away as soon as you aren't looking, it doesn't.  The cover (is removable so that you may wash it) is comprised of a stretchy spandex material, which is somewhat luxurious to the touch.  It feels nice!  It doesn't slip away though.

You may also notice the small beads inside of the pillow.  But, it's not invasive in any manner.  I tried it out and continued working on of the cats tried it out.  He likes it too!  With this pillow snugly in alignment against your spine or a leg thrown over it, you are set.  I still want my other two pillows.  But, three?  Perfect!
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