JumpStart 180: Workout Videos for Seniors

This is a 4-CD set, which is divided thusly;

  • Upper Body Revolution (Upper Body Activated)
    Core and Balance Fuel (Total Body Adrenaline)
    Lower Body Supercharge (Lower Body Blast)
    Cardio Jump Set (Advanced Exercises & FAQs)

This is such an awesome thing for seniors.  Experts tell us that there is no other guarantee for longevity other than exercise.  However, senior citizens and others have problems with exercise for many reasons.

Well, JumpStart 180 is the answer.  It's written for those who have a real hard time getting active.

This outfit also comes with a workbook, which includes such basics as taking your own pulse.

Overall, this is some good bang for the buck.  Audio and video quality can be lacking sometimes.  But, you have to ignore that and do what you're supposed to do.  Get up and move your butt.

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