JCPenney: Stafford Travel Suit Jacket-Big & Tall

We were amazed when we received this jacket in the mail.  It was hung on a hanger, covered in plastic and folded over.  The amazing part?

There wasn't a single wrinkle in/on it.  Granted, it's supposed to be wrinkle resilient.  However, we've been burned by that description before.  This time, it's true.

JCPenneyThe blazer is sold by JCPenney and is available in black, medium grey, navy, tan and tan hb.  This is a polyester lined, Stafford Travel Suit Jacket, size 52, "Big Short" and attractive.  This one is a navy blue.  So, it's not apt to show real well if a soda is slopped onto it.  There are interior pockets for your lip balm and dog whistle.  There are side vents for over zealous lunchers. It is equipped with a notch collar, two front buttons and front flap pockets, for your hanky and such.

The nice thing about a navy blue blazer is that you can dress it up with a simple dress shirt.  You can also dress down with a polo.  Your gentle writer wouldn't dress it down like that.  But, we're not a guy.  This is a man's jacket.

The jacket retails for $235.00.  However, it's on sale through the 28th for $117.00.  Online only.

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