Jaqet was founded in 2012 and their agenda was and is to offer the sophisticated men of the world a slim, tailored, good-looking wallet that will stand up to the rigors that time can employ.  The company is also focused on an authentic handmade style.  All Jaqet products are made in California and all work is done in-house.  Finally, no two Jaqet pieces are exactly alike.

  • (1) Coin Wallet in Blaq MSRP $50.00
  • (1) Key Lanyard in Blaq MSRP $30.00

Coin Wallet in Blaq

For the first few times that we perused the products at Jaqet.com, we didn't know if we wanted to review them or not.  We were unsure about the tuck-in flap.  It looks as if your coins would be held in the small, lower area.  However, that is simply not so.  That's just the design.

Key Lanyard in Blaq

We like the small size of the Key Lanyard.  It's just long enough to place on our wrist in between key usages.  It's not one of those 4 foot lanyards which hits your calf on an endless basis as you motor here and there.  It's tidy.  Tough.

Both of these items are solid products.  They are made well.  They are not scratches in any manner, nor are there other blemishes or flaws of any kind.  Men store, Splen store, this stuff is outstanding and your National Product Reviewer intends full well to use it to the best of our womanly abilities.  Just sayin'...

Oh, you may purchase these fine leather goods on the web site below.  Shipping is free.  Sweet!

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