Inateck (BTSP-10P)

The BTSP-10P is a speaker with a battery bank built in, which stands up to 9-15 hours of play time and really puts out.  It replaces Inateck's BTSP-10 and it is simply outstanding.

Inateck (BTSP-10P)We didn't test it with our normal, Old School R&B, deep bass files. No.  We tested it with meditation files and the singing bowl bass notes were heard and felt.  High notes register well too.  Finally, it doesn't require a lot of effort to use (Bluetooth 4.0).

Do not misjudge the BTSP-10P because of its small size.  It's tiny.  But, it's mighty.  Don't hold it next to your ear, then turn it on.  That would be a mistake.  Otherwise, it's just what we needed.

The speaker arrives with;

  • (1) USB Changing Cable
  • (1) 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • (1) Black Carrying Bag
  • (1) Instruction Manual

The BTSP-10P retails for $49.99 and may be purchased from Inateck.

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