HIT ecigs

HIT ecigs set out in 2012 to create the perfect vaping experience.

They do this by have a quality product, for which customers know exactly just what/which chemicals reside within.  They don't test their products on animals either.

(1) XL T-Shirt ($20.00)
(1) HIT 1200 Blueberry ($20.00)
(1) HIT 1200 Green Apple ($20.00)
(1) HIT 1200 Menthol ($20.00)
(1) HIT 1200 Vintage ($20.00)
(1) HIT 1350 Cigar ($21.00)

Ever once in awhile, your National Product Reviewer will host a review party and that's exactly what we did to test HIT ecigs products.  While we are not a smoker, we have been wondering about ecigs for some time now.  So, we grabbed the boxes full of ecigs and headed over to the stink joint (the local bingo hall).

The t-shirt is black with the hit logo and the URL above and below the logo.  The back side has the URL with their slogan below it; The proof is in the vape.

HIT 1200 Blueberry

Carla liked the smell of this one, even while it was in the box.  Once she opened the box and saw the white, oval-shaped thing, she grinned.  We pushed the plastic cap off of the end of it and showed her how it works by drawing in on ours.  She did this herself and again, grinned.  "This is even smoother than others that I've tried."  By the end of the day, she was asking me where she could get another one.

HIT 1200 Green Apple

Juanita took this one and was giggling like a little girl after she tried it.  She then blew the vapor into my face so I could smell the fresh, green apple.  She's been smoking since she was 15 and wants to quit.  She kept a real cigarette beside her seating area, but, never touched it.  Not for four hours!  Hey, it's a start.

HIT 1200 Menthol

We tried the menthol.  Well, we've been trying it ever since we first puffed on it.  Oddly enough, this is a calming flavor.  Soothing.

HIT 1200 Vintage

Our friend Yessenia took this one and loved it.  End of story.

HIT 1350 Cigar

Maria wanted this one.  Physically, this is a neat looking cigar.  Pretty even.  She enjoyed it immensely.

We are all now HITsters.

The Proof is in the vape.
HIT ecigs

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