Greensations is a small, family run company which is dedicated to providing the best product, comprised of only the most quality ingredients which are available.  They hail from New York and have been featured on Dr. Oz, Good Housekeeping, NY Times and others.  In the event that you should find your Greensations product inept and not working better than any other, your money will be refunded.  You cannot beat that.


  • Sinus Plumber Cough Cold Spray
  • Sinus Plumber All Natural Nasal Spray
  • Turbo Snort

Sinus Plumber Cough Cold Spray

Every allergy-haver's best friend.  We use it at night so that we have no dripping, coughing, sneezing, stuffiness, nothing.  It works really well!

Sinus Plumber All Natural Nasal Spray

Really good too.  It contains pepper.  Hence, there is a slight cough upon using.  However, it works well after that.

Turbo Snort

The homeopathic answer to fatigue and a general lack of energy.  Shake well.  Shoot 2-4 spurts up each nostril and there ya go.  No crashing either.  We are seriously going to lay off on the energy drinks as long as this sucker lasts.

These are some of the best products that we've ever had the pleasure to try.  They are sold with a money-back guarantee and the company is great to deal with.  You have nothing to lose in trying.  You may peruse and buy their products from the link below.

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