From the red carpet: Martial Vivot

The Martial Vivot hair care line of products were placed into the Golden Globes gift bags, this year.  We wondered what kind of product it was.  Now, we know.

Martial Vivot is an outstanding brand for men.  In fact, you'd be hard pressed to locate a Martial Vivot barber with a bad reputation.  The products of the same name are just as outstanding.

From the red carpet: Martial Vivot

(1) Paste $30.00 (2 Oz)
(1) Shampoo $43.00 (7.3 Oz)
(1) Conditioner $48.00 (7.3 Oz)
(1) Creme $28.00 (4.2 Oz)
(1) Gel $28.00 (4.2 Oz)

All of the Martial Vivot hair care products have a zero to minimal aroma.  They are all water based, rinse out well and do what they're supposed to do. They are beautifully designed and packaged and provide men a solid product without the sometimes, obnoxious smells.


Feels good and isn't difficult to rinse away.


Has a light, minimal hold and has an excellent shine without the stiff or the sticky.


Provides a strong hold and adds sheen.


Does not have a strong hold.  However, it does add body and volume.


Lathers well.  Not a strong aroma at all.

You may purchase your Martial Vivot products from the link below.

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