Ethan Julian

Ethan Julian is a company dedicated to the unique designing, creating and selling of products with the professional woman and the traveler in mind.  Their products are now made of 100% cow leather.  This seems a very tough and sturdy material.

Ethan JulianReceived:

(1) Georgia Red Wallet

The wallet is of sound construction and is visually appealing.    Our only concern are the metallic accents on each corner and the clasp as these will most likely rust and lose their sheen within a few years of use.  But, then again, we are so rough on our wallets and other hand helds that the wallet may not make it to that sheen losing stage.  Our palms sweat too and this can be rough on those accents.  The back part of the wallet has a zippered area and the top of the zipper is covered by a small piece of leather for protection.  This is a nice touch!

When you open this piece, there are two slide-in pockets for a business or credit card.  There is another zippered area in the middle, which is the length of the wallet.  There are two expandable main areas and the back area has four more slide-in pockets and a behind those is one, full length slide in area.

Overall, this is a good product and seems to be roomy enough without being too big,  bulky or cumbersome.  Georgia Red is available at the web site listed below.  It retails for $75.00.

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