Craft Beer Menu Monday: Starr Hill Brewery

On tap for today is Starr Hill.

Starr Hill Brewery, LLC, is located in Crozet, Virginia.  However, their history began in Charlottesville.  In 1999, Founder and Master Brewer Mark Thompson began "Starr Hill" Brewery in a beautiful storefront, right on Main Street.  The name comes from the local neighborhood.  It was in this same building that the legendary Starr Hill Music Hall would hail from.

With 19 awards under his corporate belt, Thompson outgrew that spot and moved to a larger brewing facility, which was sitting in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  If you have a look at what Starr Hill has to offer now, it will boggle your mind.  So much beer.  So little time.

Also, we would be remiss if we didn't include the fact that Robbie O’Cain has been promoted to Brewmaster.  Robbie succeeds Mark Thompson as Starr Hill’s Master Brewer following Mark’s recent retirement after 23 years in the craft beer industry.  See?  Starr Hill is growing all over the place.


Craft Beer Menu Monday: Starr Hill

(1) Reviver Red IPA (20 Fl Oz)  
(2) Little Red Rooster Coffee Cream Stout (12 Fl Oz)
(2) Live Sessions Barrel Series Bandstand Barleywine Ale (12 Fl Oz)

Reviver Red IPA

This Red India Pale Ale is a spring seasonal and sits in middle of being an IPA and an Amber style.  This is a fairly new addition, as of the fifth of this month. It has a medium body and a firm maltiness.  It pairs well with thai drunken noodles.

Little Red Rooster Coffee Cream Stout

The Red Rooster is a spring seasonal and Milk Stout.  It's an oddly delightful beverage.  The coffee gives this Rooster a real kick!  We are not a caramel person.  However, the slight hint of it in the Rooster are nice.  This is mos' def' a full-bodied being.  It pairs well with barbecue brisket, espresso-crusted filet mignon or Oaxacan mole.

Live Sessions Barrel Series Bandstand Barleywine Ale

Bandstand is also a spring seasonal.  Again, this is one of the most unique tasting beers, that the craft beer world has to offer.  It's aged in bourbon barrels for several months.  This is where the vanilla and toasted coconut come from.  Truly, another full-bodied beer.

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