ACV by dpHUE

dpHUE is a company which strives to bring professional hair coloring into the home of the consumer.  It's actually, cheaper than sending a hair colorist into your home.  While the company is physically present in California and Minnesota, they also have an online presence.

ACV by dpHUEDo professional.


Experts have been touting the many benefits of vinegar, apple vinegar in particular, for many years now.  One can lose weight drinking it, it's a natural cleanser, etc.  Hence, it was only a matter of time before they had us shampooing with it.

The purpose of ACV is to return hair back to its natural state, via an apple cider wash.  To balance it.  To purge it of residual chemicals from other shampoos and it seems to do just that.  It left my hair soft, shiny and pretty.

The vinegar aroma is not completely disguised, though it is infused with Argan Oil, Fire Tulip, Lavender Extract, Aloe Vera and more. However, this isn't negative for me.  I just think that someone is preparing Easter eggs.  Otherwise, it has a pleasant aroma and works well.

ACV retails for $32.00 and may be purchased from the web site listed below.

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