A Year Without Food: Discover the unimaginable world of provenenergetic nourishment

This is a good read, whether you wish to give up food and drink for spiritual purposes or not.  It really drives home the fact that we are not physical beings with attached spirit matter.  Rather, we are souls in a physical vessel.  I finished it in a day, even though the book is full of good reading.  I do not read for fun as I don't enjoy it.  It's laborious for me.  However, I do read quite a bit and this book is the reason why.  I crave information, particularly spiritual information.

The book begins with a prana definition.  For reiki masters, we call it chi.  Chi/prana is the energetic matter which is life and being connected to life.  Next up, are chakras.

A Year Without FoodChapter 2 discusses human diets.

Chapter 3 brings forth the focus of this book; Breatharian's.  It's a wild concept, even for me as a spiritual person.  This type of nutrition seeker does not need food or drink, at all.  They do not desire them, although some will consume something just for the sake of consuming it.  Critical to understanding this concept is to truly know that none of us are our bodies.  We are souls.

Chapter 4 discusses the benefits of living a Breatharian lifestyle and they are many!

Chapter 5 encompasses the journey of the writer as a Breatharian.

Chapter 6 is about The Television Exposure which is mentioned often, even in the marketing of the book.  The show can be viewed on this web site

Chapter 7 covers the how to of becoming a Breatharian and it's well-organized.

Chapter 8 tells how to master the mind.

Our comfort zone is full of excuses.

Chapter 9 covers the challenges of being a Breatharian.

Chapter 10 is about the rules of your game.

Chapter 11 tells of prana and science.

Just because science cannot explain something does not make it unreal.

Chapter 12 includes thoughts and theories.

Chapter 13 is a chapter for every, "The Secret" followers.  How we create our reality and how prana, air, water and information flow.

"Choose your words carefully like you choose your friends, your music and even the movies you watch.  They all have a deep impact on your life."

ISBN: 1507645392
Print Length: 137 pages


Clara said...

This isn't so far fetched. I saw a documentary about a guy in India who had not eaten in years. I'm curious enough to check out the book.

Ginae B. McDonald said...

He too was probably a Breatharian. It's a new concept for me. But, I don't doubt it for a second. It's entirely too logical, to me.

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