Twitter for Writers

Twitter for Writers
Twitter for Writers begins with Twitter basics.  It's well done.  If you are an experienced Twitter user, you still have something to gain by reading.  If you are a complete newby, you will take great comfort in this part.  And actually, the whole book was done in this manner.  It's well done.

Writers need different things from Twitter than 'normal' people.
Rayne Hall

The next section talks about tweets.  This is really good.  We learned of some positive ways to interact with a potential reading universe and other writers.

Hall also covers, retweets, the use of hashtags, Twitter lists, images, direct messages, advertising, conversations, spam, trolls, networking, agents, editors, multiple accounts, Twitterparties, giveaways, contests, shout outs, Tweetdeck, links, fans and safety.  Hall ends the ebook with a helpful glossary.

Twitter for Writers was written by Rayne Hall and retails for $9.98.  However, you may read it on your Kindle for $0.99.  You will find it for sale at Amazon.

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