The Cooper Kit from CooperAndKid

The Cooper Kit from CooperAndKid
The Cooper Kit is a new quarterly subscription box/service for the dads out there.  It is sent out every three months and focuses on the relationship between a father and his children.  Just the concept is very refreshing!  Granted, this is the focus.  But, we do not see why this box would not be appropriate for any parent, male, female or uncertain.

It's not a cheap one.  Subscriptions begin at $72.00 (includes shipping and handling) for a years worth of boxes, go to $78.00 per quarter and end at $312.00 when you give the gift of a years worth of boxes.  However, it does seem a good buy for the buck.

Clearly, the theme of the current box is music and lots of activities are included.

The package is one of the best parts of the whole deal.  It's a big, adorned box and once you open it, you are treated to translucent pink and purple hued wrap with all the goods up in it.  If your gentle writer were a scant thirty something years less in age, she would have gone nuts if that thing had come in the mail for her!

Nuts.  Just nuts.  There would have been screamin', fussin', high-fivin' the air and runnin' to the house with the package.


  • (1) 18" Ruler (Labeled Cosmic Frequency Finder)
  • (1) 7-Piece Desktop Drum Set by Westminster
  • (1) Container of Chalky Hair Warping Hue
  • (1) Empty Milk Bottle (Labeled Bottled Banjo)
  • (1) Package of Pulsar's Pentatonic Pan Flute! (MonsterStraw Brand)
  • (1) Package of Space Parts
  • (1) Paper Plate (Labeled Speaker Cone)
  • (1) Paperback Book, "Punk Farm"
  • (1) Rock-it 3.0 from
  • (1) Spiral-Bound Book Music: "A Sound Odyssey: Activity Guide"

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