Tetley Tea: National Hot Tea Month

Tetley Tea: National Hot Tea Month
The very concept of Tetley Tea began over 160 years ago in England.  Brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley founded Joseph Tetley & Co. in 1837.  This followed several years of selling tea off of the back of their pack horse.

In 1871, Tetley brough his son Joseph "Junior" into the company as a partnership.  They did so well that they bumped up their company a step by contracting with American agents to distribute Tetley's teas throughout the U.S. This was in 1888.

Tetley continued to grow, evolve and prosper.  Today, in honor of National Hot Tea Month, Tetley offers up a challenge and this is why;

We average 7 hours and 24 minutes being attached to our devices.  We do this on a daily basis.  Our electronic device batteries lose power and so do we.  Naturally, this leads to increased stress as our minds are "always on."  It strains our eyes, we experience blurred lines between work hours and down time.

Hence, Tetley offers up the following;

Tetley USA challenges us to shut down our screen, close out our tabs and dumb down our smartphones.  We are then encouraged to take the Tetley Five-Day Challenge.

Every day, on or around 4pm, shut down your devices and take time for yourself to recharge. Just 15 minutes is all you need to clear your mind, enjoy a cuppa, and give yourself the time you deserve:

  1. 1 minute to pick out your favorite mug – we’re talking a real, ceramic mug. Nothing with a lid, nothing paper and no cardboard sleeves allowed.

  2. 2 minutes to heat up the water. No peeking at your phone while the water boils!

  3. 2 minutes to steep your tea. Don’t try to speed up the steeping with unnecessary dunks.

  4. 10 minutes to sit, relax, and enjoy!

Disconnect from the digital and take back “me” time. Press pause with the Tetley Five-Day Teatime Challenge and reclaim your right to relax.  That's it.  That's all Tetley Tea is asking of us.


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