No. 4711 Echt Kolnisch Wasser: Golden Globes 2015 Gift Bag

No. 4711 is a unisex cologne which has been around since 1792 and was invented in Cologne, Germany.  Originally, 4711 was developed for medicinal purposes.  Amazingly enough, this essence was placed into gift bags for the 2015 Golden Globe awards.  The cologne retails for $28.00 and smells worse than any other substance that we've come upon, which has been bottled.

The initial pump of aroma bursts like a stank bomb and hits strong.  In fact, that initial hit is mostly of a powdery scent.  Then, florals.  Then, a slight citrus.  That primordial push is a 5 for sillage.

However, the cologne completely disappears after two hours.  Hence, we impart a longevity factor of two.  Then, a sillage of >1.  This is probably a good thing as the overall aroma of No. 4711 is not a good or a pleasant thing or a kind thing.

Normally, we would not endeavor to speak so unkindly during a product review.  However, we are offended by this smell.  Seriously, we wonder if singed butt hair might smell better?  Or, maybe a diaper service company van with all lids removed from the "Dirty Diapers," pail?

How in the world did so many positive reviews end up on the Internet for this product?  Not just that, but, how did this product end up in a gift bag for a celebrity and, is this celebrity now angry?

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