Juno Power: Konnect Two - 9000 mAh External Battery

Juno Power: Konnect Two - 9000 mAh External Battery
Established in 2013, Juno Power is an electronics company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets external battery chargers for both Apple and Android devices.  Products are user friendly and design oriented to please the masses.


  • (1) Konnect Two - 9000 mAh External Battery
  • (1) USB Cable

What amazes us most about external batteries and mobile telephone chargers is that there is still a huge universe out there who do not know that these products exist.  Hence, they surely do not know the benefits of having one.  These are the people for whom telephone contact can be spotty and downright unpleasant.

They do not realize that you can have a busy day ahead of you, you've forgotten to charge your phone and you're out on the road when the battery dies.  You can't call AAA if you need them.  No.

With that thought open and out there, we introduce you to Juno Power's Konnect Two.  It was designed with the user in mind.  It's slightly longer than most external battery's and rests comfortable in the palm of your hand.  It's an off-white with a gray strip down the side.  It kind of looks like an electronic sandwich.

It's impressive though.  It has a flashlight at one end and will charge two devices simultaneously.  It's solid without being too heavy.

You may purchase Juno Power products from the web site listed below.  Prices are moderate.  A guarantee and a warranty are offered.

One caveat to friend and family of this product reviewer, do not look to us with the thought of owning this.  It will simply not happen.  Buy your own!  That is all.

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