iHome wireless alarm clock (iBT22)

The clock is visually pleasing and well put-together.  It is also easy to setup and to pair.  The clock's compact size is a real asset as bedside tables seem to be getting smaller as we age?  The sound is okay for an item of its size.  Not much bass, though.

iBT22Another positive feature of the clock is that it has two alarms.  This is critical for those of us for whom the sound of an alarm is not always heard, even though we've tried using different music genres and continuous sound files!  One would think that constant screaming would rouse dead folk.  Not necessarily so.

The phone cradle is rather convenient too.  Long gone are the days when we have to lumber through cat horkment spots that we didn't know were there, dirty socks and empty snack wrappers to locate our charging phone.  Sighing...we do not miss those days.

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