Hipanema is the result of two Parisian girls who met in Rio.  The young blondes loved color and expressing themselves.  Hence, Hipanema.  All of their products are bright, colorful and entrancing, probably much like the atmosphere in Rio.


(1) Panthere MSRP $99.00

As a young person, or even an adult, we never wore bright, shiny things.  We didn't consider such things really.  Then, we met Railine.  She is normally clad in such attire, right down to her light-capturing gem bracelets.  We loved them.  Now, we can't get enough of this stuff.

We ran up on Hipanema while surfing the 'Net one day and all we could do was look and admire.  Then, we secured this review.  The bracelet that we received doesn't fit us, as no bracelets have thus far.  Our friends and family have loved our gifts.

While the Panthere is available in 6.5 to 7.5 inches, we requested the small one.  Even so, we are guessing that the big one wouldn't fit either.  Our point?

This product is solid, goes on and comes off with ease and the assistance of magnetized closure.  It captures the light and holds our attention, which is hard to do.  For real.

The bracelet arrived in a well packaged envelope with a decorated Hipanema bag to hold our other pretty things.  It's a little over 11 inches long and almost 6 inches across.  Inside of that was the elongated plastic bag which held our new jewelry piece.

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