Good Earth for National Hot Tea Month

Good Earth for National Hot Tea Month
National Hot Tea Month is a wonderful way to acknowledge tea and if you have a look at Pinterest, they are hopping over there for National Hot Tea Month!  There are recipes, facts and cups, oh my!

Enter Good Earth.

Good Earth is a New Jersey company and they make tea.  Not just tea, though.  Like most of us, they are bored with the mundane.  Have you checked out their tea fusions?

Well, you've had plenty of time.  Good Earth has been in business for over forty years.  But, then again, it's never too late to find something delightful and new.

In honor of National Hot Tea Month, Good Earth has kindly sent over the following teas;

Citrus Kiss (18 Tea Bags) is a lovely and touching culmination of lemongrass and citrus.  Envigorating!

Sweet Chai of Mine (18 Tea Bags) is a fun and somewhat whimsical take on one of our favorite teas.  It is infused with vanilla and a sweet, maple flavor.  "Oohh...chai..."

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