is a New York company, founded by brothers Sol and Oscar Heyada in 2012. produces gloves for the purpose of texting and using touch screen devices on your smart phone without freezing your fingers off.  They are warm.  They are stylish.  They are magnetized to stick together when you're not wearing them.

We even like the concept of the gloves.

However, we do not like trying to wear them and texting on our dinosaur-esque mobile phone.  The letters are entirely too small.  But, most people don't own phones such as the one we own and we understand that.

If you do own a smart phone and most do, you will love!  No doubt.  You'll like the details.  You'll like the small, yellow peace sign that is the logo.  It's located on the back side of the gloves, below the pinky finger, on the band.

You'll like the price.  They range from $19.99 to $95.00.  We received the, "Solid" pair for $24.99 and would have happily paid that to have them.

It's not that the gloves are thick, because they're not.  This is one of their huge selling points, in our humble opinion.  We are so happy to have them.

We just won't be texting with them.  Not on our circa-2000 mobile phone.  No.  Not us.

One day, we will join the rest of you in this year.  In 2015.  It just won't be today.

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