Deep Steep

Deep Steep is certified as cruelty free by the Cruelty Free Bunny.  We verified that fact with PETA.  You may see for yourself, by clicking here.

Deep Steep was established in 2002 and focuses on two things.  Those two things are luxury and integrity and these concepts manifest in the goods.  The goods are well designed, well packaged and come with a company printed Thank You envelope, which holds your invoice.

Clearly, the company knows that the little things are the big things.  It's the Thank You, the excellent customer service and the outstanding products.  All important.  They are a class act, from start to finish.
Deep Steep
Received from Deep Steep:

  • (1) Nourishing Volume Shampoo, 10 Oz Tube, MSRP $12.95
  • (1) Nourishing Volume Conditioner, 10 Oz Tube, MSRP $12.95
  • (1) Foaming Hand Wash, Lavender ~ Chamomile, 8 Oz Container, MSRP $6.95

Nourishing Volume Shampoo has a divine aroma and no harsh chemicals.  It contains coconut milk extract to strengthen hair and marine algae extract to lift each strand which helps with the fulness.  We loved the look of our hair after using, then, allowing to dry.

Nourishing Volume Conditioner is smooth to use.  Used in conjunction with the shampoo, it's hard to tell where all the wonderfulness is coming from.  We like them both!

Foaming Hand Wash is an instant burst of foaming soap.  It smells great and leaves your hands soft, clean and smooth.  It's not as harsh as other hand soaps and easier to use than regular pump soap.

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