Cider Saturday: Atlas Cider

Atlas Cider produces authentic, natural hard cider, which is fermented from 100% fresh pressed fruit from their area.  This has been a critical step to producing quality cider from the very beginning.  The ciders are created in Bend, Oregon.

For our perusal, we have been sent one of each cider offering.  This included;

  • Hard Apple Cider 11 Proof (22 Oz) 
  • Hard Apricot Cider 16 Proof (22 Oz)
  • Hard Blackberry Cider 12 Proof (22 Oz)
  • Hard Pom-Cherry Cider 12 Proof (22 Oz) 

Atlas CiderAll of the flavors are a well-done combination of ripe fruit, sweet and tart.  They also have a nose for their named fruit.  The chemistry is just right.

Apple is a sweet, well-carbonated, crisp cider with a slightly bitter bite.  It tastes a bit like wine.  It is just delightful.

Apricot has an apricot/slightly apple-like nose.  It has a nice, golden hue and a citrus beginning with a warm finish.  It would fit well on a hot, summer day.  It has a slight acidic touch which works well.

Blackberry is a complex, dark-hued, dry, dark and delicious flavor.

Pom-Cherry has a very subtle nose.  We only notice the cider.  There is a slight cherry scent.  But, only slight.  The taste of pomegranate is laid back.  Almost not there.  This is just fine with us, as we really like cherry much more than pomegranate.  We like the slightly sweet palate.

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