The Mountain

The Mountain has been in business for over thirty years and have been printing t-shirts for 21 of those years.  They have a green philosophy and are actively involved in protecting the environment, creating Fair Trade clothing and the health of buyers with the materials used to make their products.  They also offer up a 100% guarantee on every t-shirt sold.

The Mountain
The Mountain also serves up a healthy plethora of designs.  These include holidays, animals, Americana, Native American, Irish, Celtic, Grumpy Cat, Thomas Kinkade, food and the Smithsonian.  They also sell more than just t-shirts.  They have pillows, Christmas stockings, flasks, hats, tank tops, sundresses, sweatshirts, night shirts and shirts for kids.

We received:

We could not be more pleased with these shirts!  They fit well, are very comfortable, have no protruding tags (germane information is inked onto the back of the shirt, on the inside) and are brilliantly colored.  Our only complaint is that we ordered two different sizes, rather than two shirts of the same size, so that we could have them both!  Hey, it's good to be selfish, sometimes. Sometimes.

We don't blame the Mountain for that, though.  We don't blame them for anything.  We like them.  The people that we dealt with were awesome and the product is outstanding and very affordable, especially when you consider what you're getting.

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