We have been curious about the whole vaping thing since it first came out.  It's an odd concept for us.  You puff on a semi-heavy rod/stick and it's not on unless you are puffing on it.  The MonQ brand lights up a blue bulb when it's on.  They're pretty.

MONQ is an acronym which stands for My Own Natural Qualia.

To puff on one is also an odd concept.  We tried each of the following and they all had distinct flavors.  Skinny tasted somewhat bitter at first.  However, that dissipated rather quickly.


This brand is comprised of aromatherapeutic flavors, which enticed us even more.  They are the strongest working aromatherapeutic endeavor that we've tried thus far.  We feel ambivalent about e-vaping now.  Do we like it?  Do we dislike it?  Will there be other e-smokes to come?

We really liked the aromatherapy and it makes us wonder if there is something else that can be done with this concept, for the betterment of others?  As for the three that we have, we will finish those when we want to relax.  They all make us relax.  The cats didn't trust them.  But, they're pretty set in their ways.  They are also content to bat these things around as though they were an encroaching cricket.  Just stating.

Received from MONQ:

  • Sexy
  • Skinny
  • Zen

The monq brand can be purchased from the web site.  These electronic cigarettes retail for $17.50.  They are an excellent way to get your aromatherapy on!

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