It works like this.  You select your kitty plan, which is available in 1, 3 and 6-month options.  You may cancel anytime you wish and the plans begin at $22.95 a month.  The goods are sent out on the 15th of the month.

Meowbox is a Canadian company who liken themselves to be a big ol' meowbox, which is cute, fun, unique and well-pet together.  We buy this too.  The people that we've dealt with were awesome.  The product is awesome.

MeowboxFinally, Meowbox is actively involved in the rescue of animals, as well as being a financial supporter of rescue efforts.  This is supported with a portion of Meowbox time, efforts and sales.


Received for the Month of November:

  • Coupon and a Brochure for Holistic Select 
  • From the Field: Stella the Cork Comet 
  • Holistic Select: Indoor Health/Weight Control
  • Natural Balance: Perfect Bites Cat Treats 
  • One Pet Planet: Wooly Fun Ball 
  • Sprong: Batnip Ball 
  • Sprong: Catty Call 
  • Waggers: Mighty Lion Cat Treat 

Snoe and Sparkles loved it, of course.  We seriously do not know how they know when a cat box arrives.  But, they do.  The box was sitting at the end of the bed.  Snoe crawled up on my back and pawed at the box.  Sparkles sat in the floor.  She just looked at it.

The cats and your gentle writer?  We are all very happy to have received our Meowbox.  We all enjoyed it!

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