iHome Wireless Color Changing Alarm Clock (iBT28)

What an incredible way to stop using your mobile phone for an alarm!  This thing has two alarms, which means that you have ten, sixteen or twenty minutes to sleep in between beeps, or song files, as it were.  You can stream wireless digital audio from your iPhone, iPad or other Bluetooth-enabled devices with the line-in jack.

There are four color modes.  When in "Glow" mode, you may set your clock to slowly change colors.  The clock will cycle through each color.  These are blue, green, red, white and yellow.

iHome Wireless Color Changing Alarm Clock (iBT28)You are free to select one color or no color, as is your whim.  The color is nice, though.  It's not so bright that you wonder how the sun got into your sleeping space.  But, it's also not so dull that you barely notice it.

We have never seen anything like it.  It has a unique design.  The lower portion is translucent.  You are free to leave it showing on a single color, or, you may set it to go through each color, like a disco light in your room.

The speaker is nice.  It was a specifically designed Reson8 speaker chamber.  It's rich for its size.

Sweet.  Can anyone sing, "Staying Alive?"

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