Camera Bag by Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries is all about movement and having the gear to be able to do so in an efficient manner that will not result in a loss of contents.  Their products are tough.  No nonsense.  Their slogan is;

The original maker of bombproof gear for living and riding the city.

All of this makes perfect sense if you were to take a look at the Niko Pack camera bag.  The bag arrives in a canvas bag.  It will make for an awesome laundry bag. 

Camera Bag by Chrome Industries
The first thing that we notice after having sat the bag beside our seat is that the top handle is not on the top of the bag.  It's right behind the top.  Smart!

We then start looking at the back of the bag, which has a rubber backing/pad on the back.  It's the Chrome logo and this helps to keep the bag in place once it's on your shoulders.  There are back straps, which has another strap in the middle.  The straps also have D-shaped loops attached, towards the top.  This is perfect for hanging a wireless speaker or a flashlight, for example. 

At the top of the bag is a small, zip-contained area which has sturdy padding and a small area towards the back which would be good for literature and a lens or two.  It's the area underneath the top which occupies most of the bag and it's just amazing in there.  If you place the bag on its back, then you are looking at a multi-compartment area in the middle.  These compartments are approximately 3-4 inches tall and would be perfect for lenses and a flash.  Either side of this main area are two smaller-in-width areas which run the length and two wider-in-width areas which run the length of the middle compartment.  These areas would be good for a monopod or a tripod if they were short enough in length, after having been folded up. 

The end compartment is even further compartmentalized and has smaller, square-shaped areas which would also be excellent for lenses or perhaps, some lens cleaners. 

The Niko Pack is beautiful in its incredible strength and quality of materials and workmanship.  If you're a photographer on the run, this is the bag to run with.  Seriously serious.

The Niko Pack retails for $180.00 and is available on the Chrome Industries website.

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